Sunday, December 12, 2010

Count Me Out tour shirt from 2002 ,

Permanent is one of my top 5 favorite hardcore records ever , the lyrics are some of the most personal and heartfelt i have ever heard , this record no matter how much i listen to it still gets me excited and i am reminded of how awesome the years 2000 - 2003 was for hardcore , bands like this , AN , Panic , Sworn In ,Horror Show were bringing some new and exciting , how it was ok to talk about loss , people moving on , relationships , and it seems like alot of people nowadays have forgotten these bands i for one think we desperately need more bands like this today instead of the same ole tough guy generic non sense that is flooding hardcore today.

i actually got this from a good friend in little rock , i remember seeing Count Me Out in Birmingham in 2002 with Over My Dead Body , they had this shirt but only in XL but at the time i wore mediums and there was no way in hell i could wear an XL fast forward 8 years and XL is the way to go haha

here is hoping one day CMO will do a reunion and you can bet i will be there going completely bat shit crazy.

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