Thursday, April 14, 2011


size :XL

if you dont know the OG artist for this rip , shame shame
i picked this up in Brooklyn at the show

ok so last weekend me , al and garrett flew up to NYC for UNBROKEN / INDECISION / JESUIT / DAMNATION

needless to say it was the best weekend ever , we stayed with one of my oldest friends Brian , we did more in the 3 days we were there than most people do in a month , we went to ground zero , the MOMA , saw the statue of liberty , wall st. , the harry potter exhibit , NBC studios , and a ton more , we were in vegan paradise so many incredible places we ate at. we saw ROD FUCKING STEWART and his hot ass wife walking down the street and Doug E Doug from Cool Runnings was in the booth behind us at lunch , i saw Meredith Viera from the View , she is hot in real life total Cougar

ok now for the shows , friday night was INDECISION / INCENDIARY / UNRESTRAINED at some little shit hole in the wall bar in brooklyn it was a madhouse , seeing INDECISION who is one of my fav bands of all time in their hometown was something to behold. people were going totally bat shit crazy

then the next night was the big one , UNBROKEN / INDECISION / JESUIT / DAMNATION

we got there right when Damnation was doing there GB cover , goddamn subway system in NYC is nuts , Jesuit reunited for this show and goddamn they were just as crushing as when they were still playing shows some 12+ years ago , Indecision once again leveled the place , NO HEAVEN NO HELL ARRHHHHHHHH still makes me crazy , then Unbroken played we were right up front going totally bonkers , John form Undertow came out and sang Cutting Away i thought Al was gonna explode , then Brian from Threadbare came out and covered Minor Threat once again FUCKING AWESOME , getting to see 2 of my fav bands of all time was great and getting to spend it with people that i care about means even more.

cannot wait to see INDECISION again in ATL at the end of the month , its gonna be a banger for sure

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ok , im not to sure very many people remember this band , they were from richmond in the mid 90's , when they broke up their bass player Nate went on to Jesuit and then on to playing in Converge full time , he also sings in Doomriders when not when with Converge , i def think Channel is a very overlooked band , on a side note their 7'' was also the first release for Stillborn.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

shirt : UNBROKEN

size : XL

the first pic on top is actually the back on the shirt , anyway , i got this from my good friend Bill who lives in little rock , his house is the mecca of all 90s core , mouthpiece , undertow , burn , strife , judge , unbroken , you name it he has it , his collection of shirts makes my collection look like a goddamn child. he actually had doubles of this shirt!!!

Unbroken is one of my top 5 favorite bands of all time , Their set at Burning Fight was something i will never forget , i am flying to NEW YORK next month to see them again with INDECISION and JESUIT , i cannot wait.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

a few demos i have been blasting as of late.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

shirt : Nothing In Vain Records

size : XL

My partner in crime Garrett have me this shirt i think this is a pretty limited run of these , this is his new label , named after one of our favorite records of all time , it is also a tribute to one of the best hardcore bands of all time , Attn:Lynn!!! :) , NIV will be putting out the Deathbed 7'' soon , they are a great bunch of dudes from ATL. , be on the lookout.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Shirt : Justice

Size : XL

awesome Justice shirt my friend Chris picked up for me when they played a surprise set at the last Dirty Money show somewhere in Euroland , this band ruled i saw them twice posi numbers 04 and 05 , good times.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

shirt : Stick Together

size : XL

Stick Together is def one of my favorite newer bands , i have seen them a few times and it is always a blast , i got this shirt at the Youngblood Showcase they covered SSD and it ruled.