Sunday, October 10, 2010

so its been a while , school started back and it is finally my last semester.

im not to sure what i want to do when i graduate , i want to go to grad school but right now im so sick and tired of school i could scream , but we will see ......

some awesome shows coming up ,

youngblood showcase , a time we will remember , wovenhand , high on fire ,kylesa , unsane , keelhaul , crowbar , rwake and rob some more im forgetting

getting some more ink next month its been a while since my last time , i have a few idea's........

some movies i would highly recommend

The Social Network
A Prophet
The Human Centipede
The Horseman

current playlist -

Cock Sparrer - here we stand
Arts - Vault of Heaven
Free Spirit - Free Yourself
Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits
Harvest - Transitions

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