Sunday, July 18, 2010

so this weekend Me , Kyle and Dom went to Little Rock to hang with Brooke and Jerry , Dustin joined us as well , awesome SDRE shirt by the way , i forgot to tell him. its always great getting to see friends and spending time with them outside of a show , we ate at an awesome resturant called lillys dim sum check it out here ...., it was great and very vegan friendly and the staff actually were helpful , then we went to the IMAX and saw Inception , it was mind meltingly good , Chris Nolan is truly an amazing filmmaker.

we spent saturday watching alot of Curb Your Enthusiam and Deadwood and playing with the doggies it was a good day indeed

kyle , dom , and jerry made pigs of themselves at five guys , i ate at moe's instead , five guys just doesnt cut it in the vegan dept.

we left little rock around 7 and came home .


ate lunch with the family and then took mom and sis to see Inception , even better the second time , went over to moms and played with lucy and lola for a while , lola can walk better now since they have put down some carpets and runners on the hardwood floors , also had two packages waiting for me , my Vaccine shirt finally came in after over 2 months , it really takes all but 2 seconds to put a shirt in an envelope and go to the post office , people are just fucking lazy bottom line , and i finally got around to buyiing the Kill Your Idols boxset , yeah yeah i know , but i had heard way to many sketchy things about the label that put it out so thats why i didnt get it from them , but i did get it for less than $20 on ebay so i was happy,

i have clean sheets on my bed for tonight , that is seriously one of the best feelings in the world to get into

ok i guess thats about it for now

This Is Hardcore is less than a month

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