Monday, August 10, 2009

so this weekend was great

dom came back

and me and him and colin and kyle went to little rock and hung out with jerry and the doggies before the show , brookie was camping :(

the show was fun , alpha and omega , mother of mercy , chi town buddies convicted and harms way , naysayer , swamp thing , unfortunately foundation had to drop b/c of van troubles ,but at least they are ok and that is all that matters , we stayed the night with jerry and got up early on sunday and drove to ATL for foundations rec release , it was awesome all the same bands played and also title fight and gypsy , and a surprise 2 0r 3 songs from BAD SEED which was awesome i love that band

it was hot as balls but the show was insane ,

got to see some old friends which ruled

chinese buddha i love you

i love atl

the core is strong in 09

i move into my new place starting friday , you know its bad when you fill up 5 storage bins with shirts and that doesnt even get all of them ahaha

until next time....

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