Friday, August 7, 2009

so cali was out of control , got to see alot of old friends and meet some new ones

FLOORPUNCH , jesus fucking christ , they were incredible , awesome breakdown cover also

Rival Mob ruled , G n R cover to start off the set , Mind Eraser opened up with systems overload and the place exploded

Lewd Acts was fucking insane , tyler was blood covered pretty much the whole set , the new LP is a ripper

other notable sets , Mindset , On , Obliteration , Foundation , Iron Age , Betrayed , GBNF , Get the most , No Tolerance

im sure im forgetting some but these are the ones that really stuck out

as usual i blew way to much money but who cares

del taco and in and out ruled

the beach was breathtaking

the journey home kinda blew a few long layovers but shit happens

p.s. i love my friends , u know who you are

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