Saturday, June 27, 2009

so it has been a while since i updated this thing ,

whats been going on ??

not much really same ole shit , shows , work , swimming , sleep .

i have decided to go vegan , why you ask ??? , because it is something personal to me , im not doing it for anyone else , so fuck off .

tomorrow is Dead Citys cd release show in memphis , cannot wait , it has been a long road for this record to come out and im so proud of them , they have worked their asses off .

one month and 2 days i leave for cali for a week for sound and fury , FLOORPUNCH!!!!!

thats it

p.s. one last thing , my friends mean the world to me , you know who you are.

this is for the hearts still beating.....


brandi said...

dude, that means no more SOUR CREAM! good luck, though. i've considered going vegan, but don't think it's right for me. especially with baking school coming up. i'm definitely going to explore as much vegan baking as i can, though, so maybe i'll mail you some!

jimmie said...

yeah but the veagn sour cream is not bad at all , i will espect vegan desserts fed-exed to me hahaha

brandi said...

I'll do what I can. ;)