Sunday, June 7, 2009

man this weekend ruled , me and kyle headed down to memphis for the Dead City /Victims / Black Breath / Trap Them show and for craziness for blakes bday , needless to say it was a great show , black breath was killer

after the show we left and headed to trax and met up with the crew i was esp thrilled to see old friends jason and jon ( p.s. i wish few left standing would play just once more ) . I always eat way to much when im there but thats ok i can eat like a king in memphis , it was a good time all around

back to OB and to gayrats house we stayed up hella late being retarded ,

enter saturday we woke up late, went over to blakes house for a bit , then to eat and to garretts house for some swimming action , p.s. garretts cat is SATAN

headed back to cordova and went to pai wei i didnt eat anything cause i was still feeling the effects of lunch , lennys is good , but goddamn coming out is a different story , al got some tofu that looked like they were circumsizing motherfuckers in the back , shit looked nasty , he picked at it the whole , and we just made fun of it the whole time .

we then all went to see The Hangover , it was sooo goddamn funny lots of laughing out loud

me and kyle then said bye to everyone and headed home

all in all a great weekend

im sure kirby will put up some pics soon

. friday is my birthday and im glad i get to spend it with friends

thats it for now

now fuck off

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