Monday, November 23, 2009

ok so this weekend , me and kyle made the trip to Pennsylvania for A Time We Will Remember ,

we left thursday morning and drove all day and night and made it to our friend matt's house in baltimore about 3 am ,

we slept in got cleaned up and went and ate , vegan philly cheesesteaks are the shit

went to celebrated summer records which is ran by an old friend who was in an awesome band called Never Enough we also ran into the Not Sorry guys , talked for a bit with them and then went back to matts for a while before the show in Silver Springs ,

the show in SS was Praise , Mindset , Not Sorry and Coke Bust, it was in a punk / crusty house , the show was in the basement and it was awesome imagine about 40 people crammed into a basement that should only hold around 20 , it ruled ,

saw some old friends at the show which is always awesome

after the show we went back to matts and crashed , got up , showered and went and ate at an awesome pizza spot called matthews , they even had a pizza i could eat and it was fucking fire,

after lunch we drove to lemoyne for the show , i love pennsylvania its really nice

again saw a bunch of old friends which is always awesome ,

the lineup for the show was

Up Front
Right Idea
Face Reality
Gator Bait
Reveal the Truth
Not Sorry
Truth Inside
Thought Crusade

not in that order but yeah it was awesome , lots of awesome covers breakdown , minor threat , yot , project x and my fav Bloodstains by Agent Orange done wonderfully by Mindset

so after the show we all said goodbye to everyone and drove backto baltimore and crashed ,

got up around 9:30 said bye to matt , then hit the road

fast forward to a little after midnight we get home

awesome weekend to say the least , made new friends saw old ones

the core and edge is still going strong in 2009 and will be even stronger in 2010

hold on to your friends


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