Sunday, January 4, 2009

ok so friday me and kyle headed to olive branch to meet up with the boys and ladies to head to the show in birmingham , the trip down was crazy , shaving cream fights , fruit cups being thrown out of the car , m&m's everywhere , i honestly dont know how we didnt get pulled over. the show was insane , BAD SEED got to play , for those of you idiots who dont know who they are they are a new band from wilkes barre ,PA , they were killer , expect big things from them this year . All the bands were wild , mongos covered river runs red and forfeit covered wolverine blues , cave 9 will be missed , i saw some pretty awesome bands there over the years , converge , champion , integrity , 100 demons , to name a few .

this wednesday mongos and mother of mercy in memphis and then back down to birmingham for REIGN SUPREME

2009 is starting off to be awesome

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