Thursday, September 11, 2008

so last night me and the crew drove to nashville for DEATH THREAT . we ended up leaving from jonesboro at 3:30 , i could not miss my class , needless to say we were doing like 80 sometimes 85 or 90 all the way there. and we even stopped a few times. we missed the local band , but who gives a shit since hollywood is gone i do not give a shit about the local scene. we got there just in time for DEAD CITY , who as always killed , its kind of hard for bands to follow them, im not just saying that because they are great friends its the goddamn truth , after they played another shitty local band played so me and dom and bill and alysia went over to the porno store , sketchyness ensued as usual when me and bill are together . the scumbags who worked at the store kept watching us which was kinda weird but anyway . keith was in a trace looking at all the skank ass slut porn , i think he ended up buying some bella donna dvd , that bitch is crazy .

walked back to the show and watching crowns of kings , reaper records newest additon and they didnt disappoint . skarhead cover was awesome and the one life crew intro they played was awesome as well .

then at last DEATH THREAT took the stage , i have not seen this band since the summer of 2004 at posi numbers , i got to see them 4 times in 04 and it ruled fucking hard every time , and the set they did at furnace fest 2002 was just as killer , they played a good mix of old and new jams , lots of singslongs and croosh pit action ahahaha

aaron is still def one of my favorite frontmen in hardcore

good seeing lots of folks i normally do not get to see on a regular basis ,

we left nashville around 11:30 and drove straight home stopping once or twice to get gas and rest so i wouldnt fall asleep , i think i went to bed around 4 something this morning . my alarm went off at 7:10 , i am currently at work from 8-5 today . im in need of some sleep .

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mary contrary said...

love crowns of kings. the only thing i regret about not living in baltimore yet was missing the death threat show by being out here & being broke.