Saturday, August 16, 2008

ok so this past week went by so slow i thought i was going to go insane .

tropic thunder was pretty damn funny , people really need to get the fuck over some shit that happens in this movie and take it for what it is-------- a GODDAMN MOVIE.

went to tims last night and got some good shit ,

two h.p. lovecraft books , the gulag archipelago (RIP solzhenitsyn)

citizen kane on VHS
phantom of the opera with lon chaney on VHS not that shit version that came out a few years ago

i pre-ordered SALO today , criterion has really out done themselves im excited

so there is a rumor going around that undertow and unbroken will do a reunion sometime next year i could see undertow but unbroken i dont see it happening since eric is gone , the absence of him is still too painful for many , but if it does happen , im flying to cali

speaking of cali , sound and fury is happening next year , i should have went this year
striking distance , underdog , and my new favorite band ALPHA & OMEGA .

what was i thinking

maybe PANIC will do another show soon ,

thats it for now

i need to get BLOOD MERIDIAN

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