Thursday, April 17, 2008

ok , so school is almost over , i think i am only going to take one class the first summer session , there is just way to much going on in july for another class ,

i got to meet george singleton monday , for those who are unfamiliar with him , he is prob one of the country's most prolific comedic writers , he signed a few books i brought and he was an all around awesome guy , he asked me if we had met before and he swore up and down we had he also asked me if i was in a band ahhaahha , i guess i get that alot

modern life is war was also monday , i j7mped on some heads during the ''secret cover'' , im going to miss that band , i am glad i got to see them 10+ times , good memories

i also went to american eagle today and bought some shit , i bought some boxers with water guns on them ahahaha shit rules

i called in at work today cause i have felt like shit for a few days , i guess all this school work and going non stop is catching up with me , as soon as school is out i plan on taking a few days off and just sleeping , well maybe not , but probably going to my mom's house and staying in the pool all day .

ok i think thats it for now

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